Victor A., 20th-century U.S. physician and biochemist, See: Crigler-Najjar syndrome.
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14 (Petra) -- Equiti Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Iskandar Najjar commended Jordan Securities Commission (JSC)'s decision to license international stock exchange companies, saying the move sets the ground for the establishment of a robust technical infrastructure in this domain by enhancing investors' confidence in foreign stock exchange companies regulated by the JSC.
Member of the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) faculty Dr Fatima Al Najjar has earned a certificate in Cognitive Therapy from the Cognitive Therapy Academy in Philadelphia, USA.
Sectors like petrochemicals, steel, cement, fertilizers, tourism, financial and banking and those related to medicine and food security are in the forefront of boosting the sources of income to achieve self-sufficiency and reduce dependence," Deputy CEO Abdulrahman al Najjar said on Wednesday.
Muhandis met at the headquarters of the operations of (We Are Coming Tal Afar) last night, Najjar and Mawla, and discussed with them the latest military developments and the progress of the military units during the operations," he said.
During questioning he admitted to meeting with Najjar at a party in Los Angeles, California, in 1997.
4bn during the first nine months of 2016, a 19% increase in the value recorded during the same period of 2015, according to managing director for the MENA region at Thomson Reuters Nadim Najjar.
Najjar is also a veteran of the OMD network, with roles in several markets in both investments and general management.
Michael Malek Najjar, UO assistant professor of theater arts, said he is directing the play "as an homage to the Syrian civil war and the refugees who have been forced to flee from there during this horrific conflict.
Sensio AIR Industry: Health care and ICT Product: Allergen and particle tracker Product launch: January 2016 Established: 2015 Employees: 6 Founders: Cyrille Najjar and Eve Tamraz Sensio AIR.
business unit, said it has appointed Tony Najjar as Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
Dubai: The Middle East Film & Comic Con 2015, or MEFCC 2015, is a great platform for both retailers and local artists to showcase their offerings and talents, Yasmin Al Najjar, general manager of retail and distribution at Comicave, noted.
Yilmaz Najjar, head of the Badr Brigades, said that they are working to open a new path as the roads are full of mines.