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 (Ne) [ne´on]
a chemical element, atomic number 10, atomic weight 20.183. (See Appendix 6.)
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Abbreviation for norepinephrine; not examined.


Symbol for neon.
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Symbol for neon.
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nephropathia epidemica

(nĕf″rō-păth′ē-ă ĕp″ĭ-dĕm′ĭ-kă, -dēm′) [NL, “epidemic nephropathy”],


A mosquito-borne viral infection found almost exclusively in northern European nations (e.g., Finland and Sweden). Its principal symptoms are fever, abdominal pain, and renal failure.


, neutrophile (noo'tro-fil?, nu') (-fil?) [ neutro- + -phile],


Enlarge picture
NEUTROPHILS: two segmented neutrophils
A granular white blood cell (WBC), the most common type (55% to 70%) of WBC. Neutrophils are responsible for much of the body's protection against infection. They play a primary role in inflammation, are readily attracted to foreign antigens (chemotaxis), and destroy them by phagocytosis. Neutrophils killed during inflammation release destructive enzymes and toxic oxygen radicals that eradicate infectious microorganisms. An inadequate number of neutrophils (neutropenia) leaves the body at high risk for infection from many sources and requires protective precautions on the part of health care workers. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, which destroys leukocytes, must be carefully protected from infections during the course of therapy and until the bone marrow produces additional leukocytes.

As part of a severe inflammatory response or autoimmune disorder, neutrophils may begin attacking normal cells and cause tissue damage. This occurs in adult respiratory distress syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, myocarditis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Corticosteroids are the most commonly used drugs to minimize the damage caused by severe inflammation. Synonym: neutrophilic leukocyte See: illustration; blood for illus.

polysegmented neutrophil

Polymorphonuclear leukocyte.illustration
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A. i have ADHD and for my part i eat less sugar than before because i have not the desire to. there are phases i love to eat some good swiss chocolate and then during a month or more i eat not sweet food anymore. another thing is that yo have sugar and sugar. white raffined sugar makes you more depending than biological unraffined sugar. it does also make your body more acide and gives caries. biological sugar is neutral and gives no caries! if you stop smoking you would love to eat sweet things. in this case you should drink some water instead to take a cookie or chocolate.

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By her participation in her masters' empathy, their works disclose themselves to Hilda a l'etat naissant and thus allow her to work "along with the artist" (335) just as Hawthorne's narrator, in his reflection on the appropriate approach to art, demands.
Ainsi, l'acces a des espaces d'articulation, bien que passagers et naissants, s'en est trouve favorise entre organisations de deplaces.
Cette affirmation merite que l'on s'y attarde car elle va a contrecourant d'un ensemble de travaux d'historiens qui, au contraire, ont insiste sur la prise en compte par les Etats naissants de valeurs, au depart, portees par un segment tres precis de la societe civile urbaine, essentiellement la bourgeoisie.
POPULAR spinter Naissant, who gained four of her seven career wins at Hamilton Park, has given birth to a filly foal by Hawkstone.
Cet engouement naissant pour la peripherie suppose evidemment qu'au moment de sa livraison, le plan Greber ne pouvait pas faire grand chose pour la ville-centre, mais qu'il venait point pour l'urbanisation encore tres limitee sur l'lle de Montreal et dans ses environs.
Naissant, from Jim Goldie's yard, looks the best bet at Hamilton in the Arthur Balding Handicap (6.50).
de jour en jour je reveillais dans leurs coeurs ces sentiments de justice et de religion que tous les hommes apportent en naissant" (288) [`...
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If the naissant sexuality produces an anxious or threatened response in a parent, the child may be punished or shamed.