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Karl W. von, Swiss botanist, 1817-1891. See: micelle.
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Ambassador Raphael Nageli, Assistant State Secretary for Asia-Pacific of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, and Ambassador Kamrul Ahsan, Secretary (Bilateral and Consular), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, will lead the respective delegations during the consultations.
Our hero, the no-longer-young Swiss director Emil Nageli, with thus far one cuttingedge film to his credit, finds himself, his natively sober judgment loosened by liquor, entering a "Faustian pact": he will go to Japan to inject German cinematic panache into that country's film efforts.
Weismann considered the germ-plasm as the idioplasm, a concept that took from Nageli, although he used it with a different theoretical conception of its mode of action.
"We call ourselves NAVigators because we are the trusted navigators in innovation and technology," President Navin Nageli, says.
"Gregor Mendel, Franz Unger, Carl Nageli and the Magic of Numbers," His.
in Taperoa II reservoir and Amphora copulata (Kutzing) Schoeman and Archibald, Chroococcus minor (Kutzing) Nageli and Pediastrum simplex Meyen in Panati pond (Figure 5), amounting to nine species.
[6.] Hoetzenecker W, Nageli M, Mehra ET, Jensen AN, Saulite I, Schmid-Grendelmeier P, et al.
Efecto del procesamiento termico sobre el perfil de acidos grasos de la microalga Aphanothece microscopica Nageli. Cienc.
x x Coelastrum astroideum De Notaris Coelastrum microporum Nageli Cosmarium botrytis Meneghini ex Ralfs x Keratococcus rhaphidioides (Hansgirg) Pascher Pandorina sp.