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Franz K., German obstetrician, 1777-1851. See: Nägele obliquity, Nägele pelvis, Nägele rule.
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"We continued to extend it each quarter and a year later when we reflected, we realized we had gotten more done that year than we had in a long time," said Natalie Nagele, Wildbit's CEO and cofounder.
Ulli Nagele, Hernia's head of development, comments, "The material responds well to coating, and the conventional roll sizes can be fabricated without any constraints." What's more, Hernia's double-layer adhesive technology means that smaller batches of labelstock can be produced to meet customers' individual adhesion and separation requirements.
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But after reading a book called "Deep Work" by Georgetown University professor Cal Newport, Wildbit co-founder Natalie Nagele knew she didn't want to work that way.
Although caution is warranted in labelling young children as bullies using Olweus' (1993) traditional definition of bullying, evidence is mounting that clearly indicates the existence of bullying-like behaviours in early childhood (Alsaker & Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger, 2010; Alsaker & Nagele, 2008; Repo & Sajaniemi, 2015).
Plasma glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride contents were measured using the glucose oxidase method (Lott and Turner, 1975), the enzymatic (cholesterol oxidase) and colorimetric method (Patsch et al., 1976), and the enzymatic (glycerol phosphate oxidase) and colorimetric (PAP) method (Nagele et al., 1983), respectively, using test kits purchased from Junshi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.