Howard C., U.S. surgeon, 1884-1961. See: Naffziger operation, Naffziger syndrome.
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Some authors such as Morris & Trotter (1990) and Sebora & Theerapatvong (2010) go even further by using the phrase corporative entrepreneurship in the context of the ability to stimulate the attributes of small entrepreneurial companies in larger and more developed companies (Kuratko, Hornsby, Naffziger, & Montagno, 1993), and, more generally, understanding it as a comprehensive effort of an organization to spread internally (Morris, Lewis, & Sexton, 1994).
Therefore, it can be studied in terms of various themes, for instance: social entrepreneurship (Austin, Stevenson & Wei-Skillern, 2006; Zarei, Zarei & Ghapanchi, 2017), SME entrepreneurship (Linan & Chen, 2009; Zarei, Jamalian & Ghasemi, 2017), international entrepreneurship (McDougall, 1989), governmental entrepreneurship (Purwaningsih, 2015), high-tech entrepreneurship (Zarei, Mohammadian & Ghasemi, 2016; Zhou & Peng, 2008) and last but not least, corporate entrepreneurship (Kuratko, Hornsby, Naffziger & Montagno, 1993; Shepherd, Covin & Kuratko, 2009; Zahra, 1991).
Likewise, work roles may include a focus on business activities (Muse, Rutherford, Oswald, & Raymond, 2005) and an emphasis on achieving desirable work-related outcomes such as high firm performance and other work-related accomplishments (Kuratko, Hornsby, Naffziger, 1997).
El presente trabajo lo ha guiado el Modelo Interactivo del Emprendimiento Corporativo desarrollado inicialmente por Hornsby, Naffziger, Kuratko y Montagno (1993).
com/googleadwords-opens-up-trademarked-bidding-to- most-countries-18628 [hereinafter Schwartz, AdWords Opens Up Trademarked Bidding]; David Naffziger, Google Modifies Global AdWords Trademark Policy, BRANDVERITY (May 5, 2009), http://blog.
It is important to consider the entrepreneurs' motivation because it influences their behaviour before and after starting up (Kuratko, Hornsby and Naffziger, 1997).
However, more agreement is with the proposition that entrepreneurs will be motivated to continue to behave entrepreneurially as long as they see entrepreneurship as an alternative with the highest expected outcome as proposed by Naffziger et al.
1992; Naffziger, Hornsby and Kuratko, 1994; Wicker and Conn, 1990); career opportunities (Shepherd, Wiklund and Haynie, 2009); family relations (Dyer, 1992; Harrell, 1994); and psychic well-being or self-esteem (Bunker and Webb, 1992; Harrell, 1994; Kernis, Brockner and Frankel, 1989; O'Connor and Wolfe, 1987; Rhodewalt et al.
Helens, Samuel Naffziger of Summit and Fletcher Hazlehurst of Franklin are all within one second of one another on the state list.
delicious wrap stuffed with nutritious ingredients, a quesadilla or even toasted and served as pita chips," says Beth Naffziger, brand manager.
Graphics and computing solutions company AMD (NYSE:AMD) announced today that it has appointed Sam Naffziger and Leendert van Doorn to AMD Corporate Fellow for their leadership in power management technology and software development, respectively.
As Naffziger, Ahmed and Montagno's (2003) work shows, there is a positive relationship between the environmental effort of the managers and organizational operating efficiency, profits and business image.