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Thomas Freitag, Product Line Manager of Melexis, said, "Using the NVRAM compiler from X-FAB allows us to define our memory blocks easily, in practically no time, and even allows us to experiment with different configurations.
DragonFly is the storage industry's first intelligent NVRAM SSD accelerator-essentially a low-latency write-back cache running embedded software in a PCIe adapter form factor.
DragonFly (TM) platform, featuring DragonFly NVRAM and DragonFly NVCACHE.
System support devices include three watchdog timers: one in the processor to provide an internal interrupt at the first timer expiration, then a hardware reset at the second; a second, external timer that resets the entire board at the first expiration; and a third that resides in the NVRAM with a free running counter programmed by the user.
Unlike other forms of persistent (non-volatile) storage, Umem NVRAM cards are only limited by the throughput and access times of the peripheral interface, not the storage media.
It eliminates the watchdog, square-wave generator and alarms, but retains the 400kHz I2C interface, analog user calibration, precision switchover reference, battery monitor, 12 bytes of NVRAM and reset output, and is supplied in a small footprint, low-cost 8-lead SOIC.
It also integrates an NVRAM Supervisor, a Serial Real-Time Clock and a Microprocessor Supervisor all in ST's new 28-lead Embedded Crystal SOIC (SOX28) that includes the 32KHz crystal and offers a low profile and small footprint.
Catalyst's products include LED drivers, DC-DC converters, Low Dropout Drivers (LDD[TM]), linear regulators, voltage supervisors, Digitally Programmable Potentiometers (DPP[TM]), I/O expanders, EEPROMs, Flash memories and NVRAM.