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The following are true for neutrosophic sets A and B of nsts (X, [[tau]*.sub.n]):
One of the oldest and best-known sets of optimization methods is based on Neighborhood Search Techniques (NST), which search for the optimal or suboptimal solution of an optimization problem by iteratively manipulating the solutions of the problem as can be realized in [1, 2, 4, 7,19-21].
Therefore, NST should be repeated within shorter time intervals in case of observing any abnormal FHR in recorded NSTs.
Foetal heart rate recording was done on featal monitor for NST.
Accounting for only 2,4 to 3,2% of all spinal NSTs, they have always been included in the same standard treatment approaches used for all schwannomas, in spite of being considered a special issue due to their unique morphology and compartmental peculiarities [2, 4].
Abstract--We assessed the effects of perceptual training of syllable identification in noise on nonsense syllable test (NST) performance of new (Experiment 1) and experienced (Experiment 2) hearing aid (HA) users with sensorineural hearing loss.
The second mechanism is the transport of nucleotide sugars through specific nucleotide sugar transporters (NSTs).
Here, the best (level I) evidence backs Doppler assessment, while other tests for decreased uteroplacental blood flow that are supported by level I or level II evidence include estimated fetal weight by ultrasound, amniotic fluid assessments, nonstress tests (NSTs), and fetal biophysical profiles (FBPs).
Ultimately, as mergers and acquisitions occur, NSTs can promote their advantage through savings in the network.
The high rate of false-positive NSTs (ie, no fetal accelerations) can be reduced by taking certain factors into consideration.