National School Lunch Program

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Na·tion·al School Lunch Pro·gram

(nash'ŏ-năl skūl lŭnch prō'gram)
A U.S.D.A. program that provides a nutritious lunch to children and the opportunity to make healthy choices from nutrition education in the classroom.
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In 2004-2005, the Tuscan Oven and Ethnic Adventures, both of which are NSLP meal options, were introduced in the high school cafeteria.
In addition, 83 percent of the food consumed in NSLP districts during the 1996-97 school year was obtained from commercial sources, with another four percent consisting of donated, processed commodities (Arcos et al.
4) In this study, we investigate how the NSLP means-tested subsidies affect children's consumption of items included in the vegetable, fruit, and milk food groups.
Because of the financial benefits, local school districts have a clear incentive to register as many students in NSLP as possible.
Soomro announced that they are working on awards for the scientists of NSLP funded projects every year on the pattern of PSF's Dr.
These grants are only open to state agencies administering the NSLP, SBP, the Summer Food Service Program, or Child and Adult Care Food Programs.
PSF Chairman, who is also the Chief Executive of NSLP, Prof Dr Manzoor H Soomro, Ministry of Food Security and Research Representative Dr Aslam Gill, Agriculture Consular of US Embassy Richard Dremnon, PSF Member Science Dr Khalil Ibupoto and NSLP Principal Scientific Officer (PSO) Dr Mirza Habib were present at the inaugural ceremony of the Convention.
And in most cases the food is actually healthful: In meals served under NSLP, no more than 30 percent of calories can come from fat, and no more than 10 percent can come from saturated fat.
He said the workshop is aimed at training the researchers in good proposal writing, create awareness about PSF-NSLP funding process and procedures and encourage the scientists to prepare need based research proposal within the NSLP priority areas.
Garrad is also a consultant to NSLP, the nonprofit financial aid solutions provider.
Streamlined the approval process by providing an instant approval process for all students who attend schools with the highest percentage of NSLP participation, which includes Provision 2 schools;
Manzoor Hussain Soomro & an eminent agricultural scientist gave formal introduction to NSLP and discussed its importance in uplifting the quality of life and well being of the farming community.