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nasal respiratory resistance
National Research Register 
net reproduction rate

net reproductive rate



A measure of whether a population is reproducing at a greater or lesser rate than needed for its replacement. It is determined by calculating the average number of surviving daughters born to the women in that population during their reproductive years. An NRR of 1 indicates that each woman in the population has one surviving daughter during her lifetime.

National Research Register

; NRR UK national resource holding information on all current funded NHS-based research
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At the same time, the NRR itself cannot be observed directly.
Comparison of NRR, shelf life, meat yield and parameters of food availability (Chl-a), temperature, and salinity indicate that NRR and shelf life are influenced by various combinations of these parameters at various times of the year (Fig.
The partnership allows us to bring together the brightest minds - experts from L-3, MIT and elsewhere - to thoroughly test the NRR technology.
Table 1 below shows that a 25 basis point change in the NRR leads to a 25 basis point change in the Taylor rule's implied interest rate.
For working purposes, we define the NRR as the interest rate that would prevail if there were no inflationary or deflationary pressures requiring the central bank to lean in either direction.
Nye's Rheoplex NRRG-2 was formulated as a replacement for Chevron NRR greases.
NRR is the difference between a team's runs scored divided by overs faced and their runs conceded divided by overs bowled.
12 14 7 13 34 0 84 GROUP C P W L NR T Pts NRR Sussex .
NRR is a leading biosolids management company in the state of Michigan, transporting and land applying approximately 140 million gallons of liquid biosolids annually.