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nasal respiratory resistance
National Research Register 
net reproduction rate

net reproductive rate



A measure of whether a population is reproducing at a greater or lesser rate than needed for its replacement. It is determined by calculating the average number of surviving daughters born to the women in that population during their reproductive years. An NRR of 1 indicates that each woman in the population has one surviving daughter during her lifetime.

National Research Register

; NRR UK national resource holding information on all current funded NHS-based research
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However, if West Indies win by an even bigger margin around 75 or more runs when batting first, or by around 81 balls to spare when batting second (depending on the actual scores) then their NRR will improve to such an extent that Pakistan will need a win or a tie.
In January 2015 NRR made significant management changes in
Musician earplugs should have an NRR of at least 12.
An NRR of 30 should be considered only 15 to compensate for real-life usage.
The Impact[TM] Sport Ultraslim Sound Amplification Earmuffs are designed to amplify ambient noise while also providing NRR 22 protection against hazardous noise.
Both our public transport and roads need improvement and even though the NRR is at last under construction, the M6 still probably needs widening along with the construction of the Western Orbital, together with roads like the long-awaited Studley by pass on the A435.
Unfortunately, in the decade subsequent to promulgation of the regulation, it has become clear that the NRR, which has grown to inappropriate importance in the minds of the purchasing community, is a misleading number for purposes of predicting in-field performance.
According to Vikner, the new NRR was developed to satisfy the hauling needs of a variety of industries, including beverages.
Tenders are invited for laying of cc road from 8-4-369/486 to 369/511 and 4-369/i-241 lane near sushma clinic in nrr puram-iii in 108-borabanda division, ward 8/b, div 10a, cz, ghmc (item no.
Additionally, the new smartPlug(TM) provides up to a 31dB NRR level of protection -- suitable for some of the loudest industrial noise environments anywhere in the world.
The Lions probably couldn't have dreamed of facing India in two more favourable venues than the Waca and VVCONTINUEs page 94 STANDINGS TRI-SERIES P W L T NR Pts NRR Australia (Q).