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The NRA donated $9,900 directly to Portman's campaign, the same amount the group gave to 12 other Republican lawmakers.
That effort targeted tech giants that distribute NRA content.
We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA's rental car discount program with Hertz," the company tweeted on Friday.
For most of the past century the NRA has suffered from leadership that was too often out of touch with the members.
Conservative-Liberal Divide Stark in Favorable Impressions of NRA
But in the past couple of years, the NRA has also turned to deep-pocketed conservative allies.
The NRA outspent its chief opponent by a 73-1 margin to lobby the outgoing Congress, according to the nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation, which tracks such spending.
The NRA claims the defendant company will receive EUR1.
Detractors immediately accused leaders of the 4 million member gun owner group of betraying their principles, their state affiliates, and all gunowners who support groups other than the NRA.
Part of the blame lies with the NRA itself because this is the first time people are being checked to see if they have complied with the VAT act.
The NRA needs to decide if they are an advertising wing of gun manufacturers, or a real advocacy group for gun owners.
There are a lot of benefits to NRA membership beyond those listed in your column, including support of programs ranging from the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, to the NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge, to Refuse to be a Victim seminars, to top-notch training for our nation's police officers through the NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division, just to name a few.