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The NPU has recently been able to leverage these successes during negotiations with the Iraqi government.
Table 1: Some physical properties of polyurethaneurea (PUU) aqueous dispersions consisting of different POA contents Sample POA content (wt%) Particle size (nm) Poiydispersity index NPU 0 52 0.
The NPU receives about 9000 requests for information from veterinary practices each year.
As a science and technology university, NPU is research-oriented and offers multi-discipline studies to excel in aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology at home and abroad.
Xelerated's 100G NPU is hitting a sweet spot in designs where programmability is required but footprint and power budget are scarce.
1 Protocol on NP-4 Network Processor 18 LSI Unveils Axxia(TM) ACP3423 Communication Processor 18 VisionTek and Bigfoot Networks Introduces VisionTek Killer HD 5770 19 Xelerated Launches HX Series of NPUs 19
The fully integrated interfaces allow a seamless connection between the new IDT NSEs and the network processing units (NPUs), including the nP3700 NPUs from AMCC and the Intel IXP2400, Intel IXP2800, and Intel IXP2850 NPUs.
Xelerated's X11 NPU is ideal for carriers requiring a flexible, cost-effective system which will transport and protect high-speed data, storage, voice and video applications.
Huawei selected the Xelerated X11 network processor (NPU) because the Xelerated NPU is an integration of high performance, programmability and low cost, best suited for packet-based multi-service products," said Chen Junhua, president of the data-communication product line, Huawei.
High Function, Low Cost NPU Enables Transparent Integration of Triple Play Services
ZTE selected the Xelerated X11 network processor (NPU) for this strategic platform because the Xelerated NPU is user-programmable and offers the flexibility to meet the changing requirements in the Metro Ethernet market.