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In response NPG - which denies any wrongdoing - issued a furious attack on the council, accusing it of launching a "witch hunt".
Prior to late pop star Prince's death in April 2016, NPG Records entered into an agreement with Tidal via a signed letter of intent from Aug.
The MHRA maintains there have been no reports of NPG corrosion in UK dental labs and has no plans to put NPG through an ISO corrosion test.
Throughout all its businesses NPG is dedicated to serving the scientific and medical communities and the wider scientifically interested general public.
The NPG consists of about 10,000 independently owned and operated power generation plants, about 157,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, and hundreds of thousands of miles of lower-voltage lines running from distribution substations to individual users' meters.
These sites bring together relevant high-quality research, news, opinion and business content, from the Nature family of journals, Scientific American and other NPG resources.
NPG will provide the USD10,000 award for a successful solution, and InnoCentive are providing their development and screening services pro-bono.
B&W NPG is an operating subsidiary of The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W), which is an operating subsidiary of McDermott International Inc.
NPG publishes the EMBO Journal and EMBO Reports on behalf of EMBO.
Tucker has served the Warrensburg area with her newspaper as well as the many things she has accomplished for Missouri," David Bradley, president of NPG, said in a statement.
Thomas reportedly joined Nature magazine 14 years ago and has held a range of editorial and publishing roles within NPG.