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relative position, rank, or concentration.
l's of care the six divisions of the health care system: preventive care, primary care, secondary or acute care, tertiary care, restorative care, and continuing care.
background level the usual intensity of a chemical or other stimulus in the environment.
confidence level the probability that a confidence interval does not contain the population parameter.
l's of consciousness see levels of consciousness.
lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL) (lowest observed effect level (LOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the lowest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) (no observed effect level (NOEL)) in studies of the toxicity of chemicals, the highest dosage level at which chronic exposure to the substance shows no adverse effects; usually calculated for laboratory animals.
level of significance a statistical measure that serves as the cutoff point used to determine whether a null hypothesis is retained or rejected; the probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis (see Type I error).
sterility assurance level (SAL) the probability that a process makes something sterile (see sterilization). An SAL of 10−6 is the recommended probability of survival for organisms on a sterilized device. This level means that there is less than or equal to one chance in a million that an item remains contaminated or nonsterile.
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no observed adverse effect level



The greatest known concentration of a substance that, after testing, has failed to harm plants or animals.
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A detailed investigation of rats and mouse NOAEL and the LOAEL data was conducted by Zarn et al.
Calabrese has campaigned relentlessly over the past 15 years to draw attention to biological effects that occur below a NOAEL. These include nonlinear effects, such as a toxicity that initially decreases as concentration goes down but eventually increases, producing a U-shaped curve.
In practice, programs that regulate noncarcinogens typically take the NOAEL observed in rodent experiments--the level of the toxin that produces no observed incremental frequency of death--and then divide that by some safety factor (ten, one hundred, or one thousand) to estimate a "reference" level of the noncarcinogen.
People believe it should be Mow-ay as Moaet et Chandon is a French company but the origins of the Moaet name are Dutch and as it has a umlaut - the two small dots over the e - the vowels should be pronounced separately, as in Noael. The firm was established by Claude Moaet in 1743 and became Moaet et Chandon in 1832 when Claude's grandson Jean Remy Moaet brought his son-in-law Pierre Gabriel Chandon into the family firm.
We divide the NOAEL or LOAEL by the uncertainty factor.
In the article, in which he reviews the scientific evidence that shows the nutrients and intake levels that help prevent disease, Hathcock explains why the safety of nutrients at specific intake levels can be established only by a direct approach based on credible scientific data - the no observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) or the lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL).
Chronic toxicity studies identify an additional reference point on the dose-response curve, known as the threshold or no observable adverse effect level--NOEL or NOAEL.(13) This represents the highest dose of the chemical to which the animal is chronically exposed and that produces no observable adverse effects.
Due to concerns about potential adverse effects of BPA, regulatory agencies have undertaken risk analyses and set guidelines based on the No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL), below which no adverse effects are observed, to establish what would be considered safe levels for BPA exposure.
The application of new HARDdescriptor available from the CORAL software to building up NOAEL models.
L[D.sub.50] values up to over 20000 mg/kg and No-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level (NOAEL) from 696 up to 4175 mg/kg body weight/day have been reported.
Autorzy badania oszacowali poziom NOAEL (no observable adverse effect level--poziom niewywolujacy dajacych sie zaobserwowac szkodliwych skutkow) na podstawie zmian zapalnych i histopatologicznych dla badan 2-tygodniowych--0,2 mg/[m.sup.3] [28].
Acute (single oral dose) and subacute (daily oral doses for 28 days) toxicity testing of the crude ethanolic extract of AL were carried out in mice, rats, and hamsters to find maximum tolerated dose (MTD) and no observed adverse effect (NOAEL) levels of AL to be used for anti-CCA evaluation [25, 26].