NMP22 test

NMP22® test

Urology A urine assay for identifying Pts at risk for recurrent bladder CA; Pts with high NMP22–nuclear matrix protein levels 10 days post-surgery tend to have recurrent CA within 3 months. See Bladder cancer.
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A routine cytologic examination and NMP22 test were performed on the voided urine sample that was provided before the cystoscopy.
In this study, we demonstrate that high-risk patients with negative cystoscopy on surveillance, but positive urine NMP22, have a higher rate of recurrence and reduced recurrence-free survival time in comparison to patients who have a negative NMP22 test.
The NMP22 test has a highly variable reported sensitivity and specificity.
The investigators compared the NMP22 test results with cytology results, with cystoscopy as the reference standard.
In an interview, he said the NMP22 test is ideal for general practitioners because they can pretty well rule out bladder cancer if it is negative.
The NMP22 Test Kit is cleared for marketing in the United States for management and screening of individuals at risk of bladder cancer.
To quantitate NMP22 in voided urine, the NMP22 test kit (Matritech, Inc.
Newton, MA; 617-928-0820), a company specializing in products designed to manage and screen cancer, announced that it has been issued United States Patent 5,882,876 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its invention using a nuclear matrix protein in Matritech's urine-based NMP22 Test Kit for bladder cancer.