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National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission

a corporation established in 2001 that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the national league for nursing and is responsible for accreditation of nursing education schools and programs in the United States.
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The CFSE model was synthesized according to several concepts from literature reviews (Ansari, 2002a, 2002b; Baykal, Sokmen, Korkmaz, & Akgun, 2005; Floyd et al., 2010; Liegler, 1997; NLNAC, 2008; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2008; Ramsden, 1991; Richardson, 2005).
The DACC administration states that an application for reaccreditation with NLNAC has been submitted.
Instead of submitting 16 different nursing curricula to NLNAC, the colleges will now submit one, jointly.
NLNAC and CCNE should work to include examples of children's environmental health issues throughout the undergraduate nursing curriculum.
As you probably know by now, the New York Supreme Court upheld the NLN position in our litigation with ACEN (NLNAC).
Jodi Garcia, Nursing Faculty--Site Coordinator, Trinidad State Junior College, Alamosa, took the initiative to move the college forward toward achieving NLNAC accreditation.
The first, the National League for Nursing (NLN), now with its NLN Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), began accrediting nursing programs in 1952.
All of the degree programs have been continuously accredited by NLNAC and in 2005 the School received the NLN designation as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.
To increase the likelihood that respondents had knowledge of Hispanic students in nursing education programs, the institution also had to have a nursing program that held accreditation from either the National Teague for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or the Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education (CCNE).
And colleagues, an update: While there is no resolution to the original litigation between the NLN and NLNAC, I want to assure you that the League is continuing to move forward on other fronts such as initiating the work to establish a new accrediting department within the NLN.
Kathleen Frisbie, Program Director & Health Occupations Chair, Morgan County Community College, guided and mentored her faculty to prepare the nursing program to receive NLNAC Accreditation in 2009, resulting in the creation of clear expectations and evaluation methods.
The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (2009) and the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC, 2008) have outlined requirements for ensuring that undergraduate and graduate nurses are able to provide culturally competent nursing care.