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National Immunization Program

an organizational component of the centers for disease control and prevention, charged with preventing disease, disability, and death from vaccine-preventable diseases in children and adults.
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Sources maintain that the BQIP power policy has been on the agenda of every NIP Board Meeting since August 2017.
'It's outrageous' that he said he had 'no idea' and 'no clue' about what happened in Hong Kong when the news was everywhere, said Nip. Han's lack of concern on June 9 as one million Hong Kongers took to the streets to protest against the extradition bill drew widespread criticism.
NIP Group is a specialized business insurance and risk management intermediary offering a range of brokerage, underwriting and risk management services to numerous industries.
The companies have also been asking to immediately reconstitute the board of directors of NIP and appoint competent industry professionals and also appoint competent CEO's in NIP and PSM (Pakistan Steel Mills).
The contract rules of EDB clearly state cutting of relations with the previous government entity where the concerned individual was employed at prior to accepting employment at for 3 years with exception, which aren't application in case of NIP CEO.
Susi welcomed P5 pupils from Troqueer and P2 pupils from St Michael's to Waterstones in the town's High Street as part of the trail and explained how she drew on memories of her father, Stewart, warning her to keep her socks on or "Nip Nebs will prinkle yer taes."
Replying to a question, he said the seats under NIP were being allocated to provinces as per National Finance Award Formula.
It is desirable to minimize the distance between the die-lip exit and the primary roll nip, which is typically 4-8-in., depending on line size.
Minister Jatoi directed NIP to set up captive power plants in all its industrial zones on fast track, said a press release.
The first Dublin Dip In The Nip took place at 7.30am yesterday at Shelley Banks Beach in South Dublin in aid of ARC Cancer Support.
The company also says that the chillers can reduce film temperatures by as much as 10[degrees]C, prevent sag at unwind and also eliminate wrinkles in the nip assembly.
Poorly crowned rollers are a primary cause for improper nip system results the company says.