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Excellent Outcome is a commonly used measure of efficacy in stroke treatment, evaluated using three standard clinical rating scales of functional and neurological deficit and recovery following the stroke, including the NIH Stroke Scale, modified Rankin Scale and Barthel Index.
Initial NIH stroke scale score was 5, otherwise, there were no focal neurological deficits and the remainder of his exam was unremarkable.
NIH stroke scale was assessed in all patients to assess the neurological disability and its prognosis.
Based on the NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) a tool from the National Institutes of Health used by healthcare providers to objectively quantify the impairment caused by a stroke, the patient had a score of 7 on the 0-44 scale (0 is best, 44 is most severe).
Patients and Methods: Patients who presented with stroke within 24 hours of onset of symptom and had a developing infarct on the CT-scan were further evaluated for neurological impairment using NIH stroke scale.
All data were independently monitored, all adverse events related to primary endpoints were adjudicated by an independent Clinical Events Committee (CEC) consisting of experienced cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists, and all cerebrovascular events (including stroke and other events) were adjudicated by an independent neurologist using neuroimaging and systematic NIH Stroke Scale assessments.
Keywords: Canadian Neurological Scale, Four Score, Glasgow Coma Scale, neurologic assessment, NIH Stroke Scale
We examined influence of weather factors with regard to severity of stroke, as measured by NIH Stroke Scale scores, length of hospital stay, and disposition upon discharge (sent home, transferred to a rehabilitation facility, or died).
From our Staff Educators e-mail: "Hello All; We are aware of the difficulties in accessing the NIH stroke scale program.
3A and 3B have huge differences in their ordinate scales, with none of the results for IschSt cases reaching the value of 1; however, 14 of the 37 ICH patients also had values <1, despite an increasing value for the group as a function of NIH Stroke Scale (and inferred increased volume).
In addition, the patient must have an NIH stroke scale score between 7 and 22 prior to treatment.