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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. A special health authority created in 1999—at which time it was called National Institute for Clinical Excellence—in England and Wales to promote the highest quality of treatment and technology in the NHS, as well as the cost-effectiveness of its services. NICE co-ordinates the National Collaborating Centres from whom it commissions the development of clinical practice guidelines, gives advice on best clinical practice to the NHS and produces and disseminates clinical guidelines.

NICE provides national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health to those commissioning NHS services (health authorities and primary care trusts), as well as to patients and their carers. NICE covers individual health technologies (e.g., medicines, medical devices, etc.), diagnostic techniques, procedures and clinical management of specific conditions. It sets national standards to improve the quality and consistency of NHS services in England and Wales.

NICE merged in 2005 with the Health Development Agency and is now officially the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (but still known as NICE).

Popular psychology
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Cardiology A clinical trial–National investigators collaborating on enoxaparin–Lovenox® Child psychiatry An information service that assists parents, educators, caregivers and others in ensuring that all children and youth with disabilities have a better opportunity to reach their fullest potential


Acronym for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. This is a Government body tasked with the duty of determining the best forms of medical treatment. NICE was set up in April 1999 and is a part of the National Health Service. Its function is to provide patients, health professionals and the general public with reliable guidance on current best medical practice.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

; NICE UK government-supported independent body; it defines national standards of clinical performance and quality measures, and formulates evidence-based guidelines on NHS clinical interventions

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A. Autistic people react wonderfully with animals. for instance- i saw a group of severe Autistic teenagers going to swim with dolphins. the effect was amazing! taking him to the zoo, or even to the park to feed ducks, pet dogs, whatever.. could have a great effect on him.
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