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"In terms of implementing our strategy to diversify the group's business lines and revenue streams, I am pleased to report that the new NFH Auto Mall will open shortly in Sitra.
H1: When the host adopts a correspondent style, need for cognition (NFC) will relate to greater perceived relevance (a), whereas when the host adopts a comic style, need for humor (NFH) will relate to greater perceived relevance (b).
Whereas the yield components parameters (FW, NFH, and NHB) increased insignificantly with applying organic acids generally over control treatment, A.A.
Na Tabela 2 se encontram os dados da analise de variancia para as variaveis numero de perfilhos por touceira (NPT), inicio da floracao (IF), numero de haste floral por touceira (NHF), comprimento da haste floral (CHF), diametro da haste floral (DHF), comprimento da bractea (CB), intervalo de floracao (INTF), numero de folhas por haste floral (NFH) e area foliar por haste floral (AFH).
To date 122 NH90s have been delivered to customers, 18 of them the NFH naval version.
To make it easy for customers, KIA Motors has partnered with National Finance House (NFH) and packaged an 'irresistible finance offer' with a chance to win a new KIA Picanto.
A total of 56 patients attending the Specialists' Clinics in both centres who fulfilled the set criteria (29 FH and 27 NFH: 27 males, 29 females, mean [+ or -] SD age = 45.4 [+ or -] 10.3 years) and 52 age and gender matched normolipaemic controls were recruited for this study.
He had written 11 acclaimed stage plays and four radio plays, one of which, The Estate, he is now adapting for NFH Films and the UK Film Council.
The data, which span the period 1915-2004, comprise death rates (expressed as per 100,000 of total population) classified under firearm suicide (FS) rates, firearm homicide (FH) rates, non-firearm suicide (NFS) rates and non-firearm homicide (NFH) rates.
Update: Biologists from the Neosho National Fish Hatchery (NFH) stocked endangered pallid sturgeon into the Missouri River near Bellevue, Neb., on September 23.
The NH90, a twin-engine European military transport helicopter, exists in two versions: the tactical transport helicopter (TTH) and the anti-surface unit and anti-submarine warfare helicopter (NFH).
Only in its fifth year of raising pallid sturgeon, Neosho NFH continues to increase its production from wild-caught fish, both by refining culture techniques and increasing the amount of tank space.