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Abbreviation for nonexercise-activity thermogenesis.


Pure, distilled, or unmixed, when relating to chemical compounds.
[F. net, clean, fr. L. nitidus, shining]
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Acronym for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. The energy expended on non-volitional muscle activity such as muscle tone, posture maintenance and fidgeting. Lean persons expend more energy on NEAT than do obese persons.
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Patient discussion about NEAT

Q. I am interested in fitness,which is neatly arranged at my home. I am interested in fitness so I invested in fitness equipment which is neatly arranged at my home. Most of the time my equipment looks so good that I love it. But unfortunately I tire very quickly and I sweat a lot. My fitness instructor is doing his best for me with his experience but this doesn’t help. I consulted with my family doctor who said that I have to concentrate on my diet. I have tried many diets but in vain. Now I am planning to shift to food supplements. Do you know which food supplement works best?

A. there's nothing wrong with food supplements, but you can avoid taking and buying them if you'll follow some instructions about nutrition during exercise:

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