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 (nCi) [nan´o-ku″re]
a unit of radioactivity, being one billionth (10−9) of a curie.

National Cancer Institute

an institute of the national institutes of health that leads a national effort to reduce the burden of cancer morbidity and mortality by stimulating and supporting scientific discoveries through basic and clinical biomedical research and training. It conducts and supports programs to understand the causes of cancer; prevent, detect, diagnose, treat, and control cancer; and disseminate information to the practitioner, patient, and public in general.
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National Cancer Institute, see there.
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SAN staff and community leaders have also accessed NCI's Cancer Information Service and developed in-language materials in South Asian languages.
NCI has critical infrastructures and initiatives in place to further our understanding of both HIV/AIDS and cancer and to allow testing of novel therapeutic strategies.
Other studies suggest that vitamin E might protect the prostate, but the ATBC, says Albanes, "is the linchpin for testing it in the upcoming SELECT trial." The NCI has stopped short of advising men to take alpha-tocopherol supplements until the results are confirmed, he adds.
Perhaps even the NCI, with its well established bias for funding diagnosis and treatment--not prevention--is evolving as well.
In fact, NCI never gave any serious consideration to a nonexclusive development plan, though several companies expressed interest in marketing Taxol.
Pursuant to the CRADA, Dr Greten will recruit and treat patients at the NCI on the jointly developed protocol and NCI will handle the management of this trial.
Centria is expected to be accretive to NCI's earnings beginning in 4Q15, excluding transaction related charges and amortization of short-lived intangibles, and is expected to yield annualised run-rate synergies of approximately USD 7m within 18 to 24months of closing.
The new NCI website focuses on the cultural perspectives of the nightlife experience.
According to NCI, the offering has priced at USD 18.00 per share.
Chambers, NCI's chairman, president and chief executive officer, said, 'Metl-Span is a highly respected and successful insulated panel manufacturer with an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce.
While overseeing the renovation, NCI Construction expertly overcame several challenges of the project, one of which included working within an occupied space.