Weapon of Mass Destruction

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A man-made or -modified artifice designed to kill or maim large numbers of humans and/or cause major damage to man-made or natural structures, or to the planet itself
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The homeland security approach to develop protective measures against CBRN incidents is based on the DOD passive defense construct, assuming that terrorists will use military-style NBC weapons to simultaneously cause mass casualties in multiple cities.
Throughout history, a military's ability to employ NBC weapons was directly affected by the operational concepts of the day, the national leadership's willingness to employ such agents, and the technical ability to deliver these weapons against an adversary or noncombatant target.
The unpredictability of terrorist efforts to acquire NBC weapons and a potentially higher probability of use pose a serious challenge to global stability and security.
The absence of an assessment that Iraq was intending to use NBC weapons against other countries even without an invasion would have been known to the Prime Minister from JIC assessments.
They claim that if NBC weapons "are detected in advance, covert attacks are relatively easy to defend against.
In the event that a rogue regime acquires NBC weapons, deterrence is clearly the first and preferred line of defense.
The review identifies new targeting priorities for nuclear weapons: hardened facilities for command centers, underground facilities associated with NBC weapons, and mobile targets, such as NBC-armed missiles.
While there were some good reasons for using this phrase (and it remains popular especially in political and arms control contexts), referring to NBC weapons as WMD may have had the unintended consequence of locking many analysts and policy officials into thinking that adversaries, too, would view these weapons as useful only for mass destruction.
The remaining four instruments examined here are military instruments used to counter the threat of NBC weapons after an enemy has acquired them.
The term consequence management, under the counterproliferation strategy, addresses both the long-term remediation of contaminated terrain and military equipment to preincident conditions and support to coalition allies whose governments request official US military support to respond to the use of NBC weapons in their country.
The United States discovered many vulnerabilities in its defensive capabilities during the Gulf War, particularly against NBC weapons and ballistic missile delivery systems.
The new priority is on nonproliferation of NBC weapons and missiles, building on the 1995 success in securing the indefinite extension of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).