n database located at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign that catalogs studies and research published in the area of natural products.
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Es importante destacar que algunas de las especies identificadas como carentes de validacion cientifica, han sido estudiadas en otros paises de Latinoamerica, contando algunas referencias, entre otras fuentes, en: NAPRALERT (acronimo de Natural Products Alert) (Universidad de Illinois, Chicago, N.
Database Search on NAPRALERT for Tephrosia vogelii up to and including 1999.
Las bases de datos electronicas sobre productos naturales, como NAPRALERT (2005), pueden resultar utiles para decidir cuales ensayos son necesarios y evitar la perdida de tiempo y recursos.
The hands-off regulations mean that "health professionals can't tell what products are backed by safety and efficacy studies," says Gail Mahady, an assistant professor of pharmacognosy (the study of drugs from plants) at the University of Illinois at Chicago and associate editor of NAPRALERT, a data base of research on medicinal plants.
This computerized catalog at the University of Illinois at Chicago is called Natural Products Alert, or NAPRALERT.
The database grows at a rate of 600 to 1,000 articles per month, says Mary Louise Quinn, administrator of NAPRALERT.
Other new databases available now on STN include NAPRALERT and CheminfornRX.
8 Project Coordinator, Professor Ceferino Sanchez and NAPRALERT for supporting us with bibliographical data.
The search was carried out on PubMed, Biological Abstracts and NAPRALERT (acronym for Natural Products ALERT--the data bank of the University of Illinois at Chicago) updated until December 2005, using "antiulcerogenic plant" as legend.
monophylla (Cuadro 1), revelaron la presencia de compuestos o familias de compuestos con actividad antifungica, evidenciando de acuerdo al registro de la base de datos de NAPRALERT DB (2001), que los resultados obtenidos en esta investigacion constituyen uno de los primeros reportes de las propiedades antifungicas presentes en esta planta.
With the aid of databases such as NAPRALERT or even PubMed, such a task can be easily carried out.