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adj nonadrenergic noncholinergic; considered by some investigators as a third nervous system (in addition to the somatic motor and autonomic systems), believed to be involved in regulating the breathing process.
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They scorned the assertion of the federal authorities that the NANC had been planning a massacre of whites and insisted on the justice of the NANC case, the essential nonviolent nature of their approach, and the support of their aims by the majority of CCAP Christians.
While most of the top leaders of the NANC were still in detention and would remain so for another six months, Dr.
Banda was now genuinely the leader of the nation, independent of the group of young men and women who had brought him back to head the NANC in 1958.
When internal self-government had been granted by the British in 1962, the young, former NANC leaders who had brought Banda back home made up the new executive council and, after full independence in 1964, the first Malawi cabinet.
Orton and Vera had been leaders of the old NANC, and Orton had been the country's first minister of justice before being forced to flee the country in 1964.
Indeed the CCAP leadership has publicly apologized for their old identification with the NANC and the MCP, and they have insisted that no such close link should happen again.
NANC inhibitory neurotransmitters, particularly NO, play important roles in regulating peristaltic reflex in colon (Foxx-Orenstein and Grider 1996; Mizuta et al.
In conclusion, schisandrin has been demonstrated to induce NANC relaxation on the rat colon and the response appeared to involve two or more mediators.
Involvement of soluble guanylate cyclas al and a2, and SKCa channels in NANC relaxation of mouse distal colon.
NANC inhibitory neurotransmission in mouse isolated stomach: involvement of nitric oxide, ATP and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide.
Inhibition of the NANC relaxation of the Guinea-pig proximal colon longitudinal muscle by the purinoceptor antagonist PPADS, inhibition of nitric oxide synthase, but not by a PACAP/VIP antagonist.