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This anecdote, repeated so often that it became burnished as a local truth, aims to make a point about nak leng as part of the social fabric.
Chom Khamang Wet Jan Dara Little Buddha Luang Phi Kap Phi Luang Phii Teng Luang Ta Khanun Maa Kap Phra Mah-Aut Nang Nak OK Baytong Queen of Langkasuka The Ring (The Tsunami Warrior) Seven Years in Tibet Star Wars Suriyothai Ya Nak
Soon-to-be first lady Laura Bush and first daughters Jenna and Barbara both wore Anthony Nak to inauguration parties.
The source added: "If NaK was put in the shaft, it was an act of criminal folly because the shaft leaks continuously and is therefore full of water.
Past movie adaptations focused more on the lovelorn ghost Mae Nak and her tragic tale, but the new film tells its story through Pee Mak, the simple-hearted husband, and the friends who try in vain to tell him his wife's secrets.
Jamnagar (Gujarat), Aug 31 (National): A day after two Mi-17 choppers crashed mid-air, killing nine IAF personnel, Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne flew down to Jamnagar airbase, here on Friday and met the families of the crash victims.
WEEKS after Army chief Bikram Singh asserted that a repeat of 1962 will not happen, air chief NAK Browne assured that story would be quite different this time as there will be no limitation on the use of air power unlike 50 years ago.
Srinagar, July 12 ( ANI ): The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne arrived here on a two-day visit to Awantipur and Srinagar bases, on Thursday.
The main disadvantage of NaK sensors is cost (around $1000 to $1200) and their lack of an explosion-proof rating.
Good-looking effort starts in 1860s, when young villager Mak (Intira Jaroenpura) leaves his wife, Nak (Winai Kraibutr) -- in a long sequence consisting of nothing but the words "Nak" and "Mak" -- to fight some unspecified war.