NADPH dehydrogenase

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NADPH de·hy·dro·gen·ase

a flavoprotein oxidizing NADPH to NADP+.
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Otto, German biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1883-1970.
Barcroft-Warburg apparatus - Synonym(s): Warburg apparatus
Barcroft-Warburg technique - Synonym(s): Warburg apparatus
Warburg apparatus - for measures the oxygen consumption of incubated tissue slices by manometric measurement of changes in gas pressure produced by oxygen absorption in an enclosed flask. Synonym(s): Barcroft-Warburg apparatus; Barcroft-Warburg technique
Warburg old yellow enzyme - a flavoprotein oxidizing NADPH to NADP+. Synonym(s): NADPH dehydrogenase
Warburg respiratory enzyme - a system of cytochromes and their oxidases that participate in respiratory processes. Synonym(s): Atmungsferment
Warburg theory - that the development of cancer is due to irreversible damage to the respiratory mechanism of cells, leading to the selective multiplication of cells with increased glycolytic metabolism, both aerobic and anaerobic.
Warburg-Lipmann-Dickens-Horecker shunt - Synonym(s): Dickens shunt
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Quercetin actively participates in intracellular signaling, inhibiting phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase, protein kinase C, xanthine oxidase and NADPH diaphorase (Gschwendt et al.
Effects of flavonoid compounds on the activity of NADPH diaphorase prepared from the mouse brain.
NADPH diaphorase assay and NOS immunohistochemistry
The NADPH diaphorase assay was performed as described in Bishop and Brandhorst (2001) using pre-weighed vials of NADPH (Sigma.
For histochemical staining with NADPH diaphorase, the tissue specimens were incubated in 1 mg/mL [Beta]-NADPH (Sigma, Dorset, United Kingdom), 0.25 mg/mL nitroblue tetrazolium (Sigma), and 0.5% Triton-X in 0.05 mol/L Tris-HCl buffer (pH 7.6) at 37 [degrees] C until a robust staining in the nitrergic neurons and nerves was achieved.
NOS activity, as detected by NADPH diaphorase activity (5), is present throughout larval development in Ilyanassa and is highest in metamorphically competent larvae, but it decreases dramatically once metamorphosis begins (6).
It was observed recently that the administration of Ascaris sun extract (Asc) in infected mice increased NADPH diaphorase activity and TNF-[alpha] levels in the early phase of BCG infection (Ferreira et al., 1999).
NO has also been identified in larvae of several invertebrates through the use of NADPH diaphorase (NADPHd) histochemistry (Lin and Leise, 1996b; Meleshkevitch et al., 1997; Serfozo et al., 1998).
NADPH diaphorase histochemistry indicated NOS activity in cells in the lower lip of the larval mouth, the preoral hood, the gut, and in the tube feet of the echinus rudiment.
Histochemical mapping of NADPH diaphorase in the nervous system of the parasitic nematode Ascaris suum.
Other, nonsensory neurons within the ganglion contain neuroactive substances that were demonstrated immunocytochemically, with antisera against serotonin and methionine-enkephalin (MEnk-ir), and histochemically, with a procedure for NADPH diaphorase (NADPHd) (Elofsson et al., 1993; Nezlin et al., 1994).
NMMA inhibits crucial metabolic processes involving arginine metabolism that are independent of protein synthesis, in particular, the activity of the L-arginine-dependent enzyme, NADPH diaphorase (4).