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In line with our focus on innovation, the GAMMEX N95 Respirator and Surgical Mask provides a unique technological solution, specialized for the demands of the healthcare environment where exposure to airborne pathogens is high," he continued.
MacIntyre reported that use of N95 respirators led to statistically significant improvement in protection against viral infection, compared with the control, a loose-fitting cloth mask.
Entry required wearing of fluid-resistant gown and gloves (gloves pulled over edge of gown sleeve cuff), fit-tested N95 respirator, eye protection/face shield, and shoe coverings; disposal of PPE in anteroom before exiting.
The nurses were asked to begin using the surgical mask or the N95 respirator when caring for patients with influenza-like illness at the beginning of the influenza season.
Richmond of the CDC says that the new disposable N95 respirators are as comfortable as masks and would be easier to wear all the time in the TB lab.
The ProGear(TM) N95 Respirator has the highest fluid-resistance rating available, a larger-than-normal filter area for easier breathing and speaking, soft stretch-knit headbands for increased comfort, and a convenient dispensing method.
FDA Web page on Masks and N95 Respirators http://www.
Compared with employees who did not convert, fewer employees who converted reported always wearing an N95 respirator when indicated or having the fit of the respirator tested annually.
Surgical mask vs N95 respirator for preventing influenza among health care workers: a randomized trial.
Sites of contamination were as follows: front shoulder of gown, back shoulder of gown, right side of N95 respirator, upper right front of goggles, and palm of dominant hand.
Earlier this year, Safe Life introduced the A400 Series N95 respirator with antimicrobial protection to provide healthcare workers and other occupational users with an N95 respirator that can be comfortably worn for an entire shift.
Evaluation of N95 respirator use as a tuberculosis control measure in a resource-limited setting.