A biomarker of osteoclast-induced bone resorption. Detection of NTx is used, for example, to detect bone breakdown in patients with osteopenia or osteolysis.

Also known as cross-linked N-telopeptide of type 1 collagen.

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Evaluation of urinary N-telopeptide of type I collagen measurements in the management of osteoporosis in clinical practice.
* Markers of bone remodeling serum C-telopeptide (CTx) and urinary N-telopeptide (NTx)
A total of 111 eligible patients were accrued with entry criteria of histologically confirmed malignancy, > 1 bone metastasis, and urinary N-telopeptide (uNTx) levels higher than 50 nmol/L bone collagen equivalents (BCE)/mM creatinine despite ongoing IV BPs [41].
As expected, urinary collagen type I cross-linked N-telopeptide, a biomarker of bone resorption, increased with placebo, compared with a significant 47% decrease with odanacatib.
The interim results showed that Alpharadin helped reduce the levels of bone alkaline phosphatase (bALP) and urine N-telopeptide (uNTX), two key parameters of bone involvement in breast cancer.
* Complete blood count (CBC), the metabolic panel, blood lipid profile, serum osteo calcium and urine N-telopeptide crosslinks, thyroid profile, were all performed by Lab Corp.
The group also had increases in radial and tibial bone strength, as well as an increase of 34.8 percent in alkaline phosphatase, a marker of bone formation, and a decrease of 54 percent in urine N-telopeptide, a marker of bone resorption.
At the same time, urinary N-telopeptide level, a marker of bone resorption, decreased by 20% at 3 months, 33% at 12 months, and 54% at 24 months.
Additionally, compared with placebo, treatment with nitroglycerin was significantly associated with an increase in bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, a marker of bone formation; and a decrease in urine N-telopeptide, a marker of bone resorption.
Calcium will be present in urine and bone markers of reabsorption, such as N-telopeptide pyridinoline, and deoxypyridinoline may be present.