Cation commonly used in water-soluble iodinated radiographic contrast media.
Synonym(s): N-methylglucamine
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1 and N-methylglucamine antimonate (Glucantime [It]) equivalent to 0.28mg[Sb.sup.v]/ml was purchased from Rhone-Poulenc, Paris, France.
N-methylglucamine antimonate was dissolved in 50 [micro]l of PBS and administered to BALB/c mice in regimens of 100 mg per kg of body weight daily for 15 days by subcutaneous route, [gamma]-fagarine, 3-(l'-dimethylallyl)-decursinol and (-)-heliettin were tested at a dose level of 10 mg/kg body weight and were made up in 50 [micro]l PBS and 5 [micro]l of polysorbate (Tween 80, OSI, France).
When we compare statistically the efficacy of the two drugs, we see that the results obtained with the oral treatment of [gamma]-fagarine (2) were significantly more effective than those with the cutaneous N-methylglucamine treatment.
Table 2 Effects of treatments with N-methylglucamine antimonate(100 mg/kg per day) administered by subcutaneous route, [gamma]-fagarine administered orally at 10 mg/kg, (+)-3-(1'-dimethyllallyl)-decursinol and (-)- heliettin administered by subcutaneous route at 10 mg/kg daily for 14 days on L amazonensis-infected Balb/c mice (n = 8).

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