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A phylum of the subkingdom Protozoa, characterized by spores of multicellular origin (usually with two or three valves), one to six polar capsules or nematocysts (each with a coiled hollow filament), and a one- to many-nucleated ameboid sporoplasm; parasitic in annelids and other invertebrates (class Actinosporea; subclass Actinomyxa) and in lower vertebrates (class Myxosporea).
[myxo- + G. zōon, animal]
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In Japan, deep freezing has become a legal obligation to prevent infection with Kudoa septempunctata myxozoan parasite in flounder and Sarcocystis fayeri protozoon parasite in horse meat.
Plant lectins prevented the infection of intestinal epithelium of Psetta maxima fish by the myxozoan Enteromyxum scophthalmi.
(2009), closed earthen ponds and multi-batch culture is a more favorable environment for dissemination of myxozoan parasites in the catfish industry.
This salamander was found to be infected with a myxozoan fitting the description of Myxidium serotinum by Kudo & Sprague (1940).
Proliferative gill disease (PGD) caused by the myxozoan parasite Henneguya ictaluri is one of the most devastating parasitic infections in channel catfish aquaculture.
These included one myxozoan (Ceratomyxa sp.), eight digeneans (Anomalotrema koiae, Derogenes varicus, Hemiuris levinseni, Lecithaster gibbosus, Lecithophyllum botryophorum, Olssonium turneri, Podocotyle reflexa, and Progonus muelleri), two cestodes (Bothriocephalus scorpii, and Scolex pleuronectis plerocercoids), three nematodes (Anisakis simplex, Contracaecinea, and Hysterothylacium aduncum), and two copepods (Chondracanthus nodosus and Sphyrion lumpi).
Typically, myxozoan spores consist of just 6 to 12 cells, not enough for taxonomists to promote these organisms from the kingdom Protista to the status of multicellular animals.
Organisms that were morphologically consistent with myxozoan parasites detected in other frogs in Australia were found predominately within axons and were uncommonly present in vascular endothelial cells (3).