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Archaic term for Ciliophora.
[Mod. L. pertaining to or found in an infusion, fr. in-fundo, pp. in-fusus, to pour in]
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The former name of a class of Protozoa, now called Ciliata.
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any organisms found in INFUSIONS of organic material, such as Protozoa, Rotifers, etc. The term is sometimes restricted to the CILIATES.
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Le reticulum endoplasmiques dans les myonemes de cilies peritrices et son role dans l'accumulation du calcium.
Biochemical studies have also indicated the presence of a receptor in membrane fractions of hydra that binds to the NMDA channel blocker, MK-801 (Pierobon et al., 2004a), and immunocytochemical studies provided evidence that NMDA receptors exist on the surface of nerve cells, nematocytes, myonemes of epitheliomuscular cells, and interstitial stem cells (Scappaticci et al., 2004).
Most neurites observed within individual bundles of myonemes had densely granular vesicles, although occasional groups of nongranular vesicles were present.