Mycoplasma genitalium

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My·co·plas·ma gen·i·ta·'li·um

a bacterial species that may be a causative agent of urethritis; cross-reacts immunologically with Mycoplasma pneumoniae; can cause serious infections involving the respiratory tract, heart, bloodstream, central nervous system, and prosthetic valves and joints.
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My·co·plas·ma gen·i·tali·um

(mīkō-bak-tērē-ŭm jenI-tālē-ŭm)
A bacterial species that is an agent of sexually transmitted infections of the genitourinary tract in both sexes.
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Mycoplasma genitalium

A species of Mycoplasma that is the smallest free-living organism known. It, like M. hominis, can cause nongonococcal urethritis.
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