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Successful treatment of chylous ascites secondary to Mycobacterium avium complex in a patient with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium avium complexes by real-time PCR in bovine milk from Brazilian dairy farms.
* MSP is usually associated with mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).
Mycobacterium avium complex-associated hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in a sickle cell patient: an unusual fatal association.
El diagnostico se realiza con el uso de pruebas serologicas, como el inmunoensayo enzimatico (ELISA) y se confirma demostrando la presencia de Mycobacterium avium subespecie paratuberculosis (Map) en las heces mediante cultivo o pruebas moleculares como la reaccion en cadena de la polimerasa (PCR) [15].
The present study was carried out to diagnose paratuberculosis using faecal culture and PCR assay on the DNA extracted from faecal samples of cattle and buffaloes suspected for infection with Mycobacterium avium subsp.
Hypercalcemia in two patients with sarcoidosis and Mycobacterium avium intracellulare not mediated by elevated vitamin D metabolites.

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