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Any of several genes encoding DNA-binding proteins that can promote the development of various cancers when present at high concentrations.
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An oncogene on chromosome 8q24 of cellular (c-myc) or viral (v-myc) origin, which was first identified in the genome of a group of acutely transforming retroviruses capable of inducing avian neoplasia, possibly linked to RNA processing.

c-myc is present in normal tissues; the protein product is required for progression through the cell cycle. Myc-null cell lines show profound growth defect, with lengthening of G1 and G2 phases of the cell cycle. There is a marked reduction in cyclin D1-CDK4 and D1-CDK6 complexes during entry to S phase, with lesser reductions in cyclin E2-CDK2 and cyclin A-CDK2. Myc induces expression of cyclins D1 and D2.

Oncogenic expression of c-myc involves mutations on exon 2, which occur in more than 50% of Burkitt's lymphomas. The typical translocation in Burkitt’s lymphoma is t(8;14)(q24;q23), juxtaposing the c-myc and the immunoglobulin heavy-chain genes. Variant translocations are to 2p11 or 22q11, juxtaposing kappa or lambda light-chain genes respectively. FISH performed with dual probes can demonstrate the IgH/c-myc translocation. Tricolour with a probe against the centromere of chromosome 8 will control c-myc amplification or loss of the derivative chromosome 8; dual colour break-apart probes will show splitting of the gene.
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Phase 1b Clinical Study of APTO-253 - Demonstrates Inhibition of MYC Oncogene in AML and MDS Patients - Aptose has completed dosing of the first two cohorts in a Phase 1b trial with MYC inhibitor APTO-253, with only one patient required in each cohort.
Interestingly, the MYC oncogenes have been implicated downstream of Flt3-ITD signaling [9].
In some contexts such as HL-60 leukemic cells, FBP1 is a transactivator of the MYC oncogene [13].
Vakoc's team discovered an enhancer element that controls the Myc oncogene specifically in leukemia cells.
An extremely complex karyotype was identified which included a gain of myc oncogene. These findings are consistent with a BCLU with features intermediate between DLBCL and Burkitt's lymphoma [17, 18].
APTO-253 is the only known clinical-stage molecule that has the potential to directly inhibit expression of the MYC oncogene, shown to be a causative factor in many malignancies, including acute myeloid leukemia.
In the postdoctoral category, first was Vimal Ramachandran with the poster A microRNA-based strategy to combat hypercholesterolemia; and joint second were Murugan Subramanian with A microRNA-dependent pathway regulating ER stress-induced lipogenesis via mTOR in liver; and Yasser Majeed with Functional interaction between Sirt1 deacetylase and Myc oncogene regulates adipogenesis.
"The ability of the Myc oncogene to directly alter this process may well explain the rapid progression of cancer formation," the researcher added.
While the study, published in the August 3, 2012 edition of the journal Cell, largely focuses on the role of this new tumor suppressor in lymphoma induced by Myc oncoproteins (the cancer-promoting products of Myc oncogenes), the authors show this circuit is apparently operational in all human tumors with MYC involvement, which is more than half of all human tumor types.