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adj interchangeable; reciprocal; joint.
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While the majority of mutuals have been around for many years, a few have more recent roots.
With a longer time horizon, mutuals are not driven by short-term profits or stock movements.
While we are strong believers in the benefits of mutuality, we believed that a conversion to a mutual holding company was essential for several reasons, primary being our previous structure--several unconsolidated mutuals--was increasingly unwieldy and inflexible; and if we were to continue to be a leader in what had become a global business, then we needed greater flexibility to raise capital and to continue out M&A activity," said Laurance Yahia, senior vice president and director of corporate finance.
We're thrilled to add someone of Charles' caliber and pedigree to our team," said Michael Henry, President of Mutuals Advisors Inc.
As many of the most likely candidates for acquisition--health-care entities and property/casualty companies--are mutuals, one type of acquisition likely to be attractive is the sponsored demutualization.
One of the most logical but often overlooked strategies that mutuals can employ to lessen policyholders' desire to force a demutualization is more effective and regular communication.
The NASDAQ trading symbol VICEX is effective today for the new no-load mutual fund, MUTUALS.
life insurance industry will be held in mutuals after the three conversions, down from 37% in 1998.
Regulatory, economic and marketplace dynamics are forcing property/casualty mutuals to take another look at demutualization.
Due to the recent issues relating to Arthur Andersen's involvement in the Enron scandal, MUTUALS.
This group, called the 1-800-MUTUALS Advisor Series is comprised of five separate mutual funds: The Generation-Wave Aggressive Growth Fund, The Generation-Wave Growth Fund, The Generation-Wave Alternative Growth Fund, The Generation-Wave Balanced Growth Fund, and The Generation-Wave Conservative Growth Fund.
This is the first merger of its kind where two mutuals join in a partnership but retain their individual identities.

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