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muti (mōōˑ·tē),

n in African healing traditions, animal parts, herbs, or barks with medicinal value.
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2011) quantified the trade in South African Encephalartos species in Johannesburg and Durban--the cities with the country's two largest muthi markets.
However, he does allow for the probability that someone handling the assaulted victim could have taken and disseminated pieces of her body to make muthi thought to shield people from an attack.
See, for example, the following newspaper reports of muthi (both spellings are used) killings among the many that have appeared during the past year alone: 'Muti house of horror' (Daily News 04 February 2011:3), 'Three held after man killed for body parts' (Sunday Tribune 06 February 2011:4), 'Mutilated body indicates muti killing' (The Mercury 02 August 2011:4) and 'Relatives cheer as muti killer is jailed' (The Mercury 29 November 2011:5).
Prior to implementing MUTHI training in 2011, we conducted a training needs assessment of clinical and public health researchers in African universities who were planning to conduct clinical research on herbal medicines.
Indian herbalists and muthi shop owners emerged to serve the health care needs of the growing Indian community.
Five such dispensaries have been constructed so far--one each at Mishriwala, Nagrota, Battalbalian (Udhampur), Purkhoo (Phase III) and Muthi (PhaseI) migrant camps.
Viewers got to see good movies like Ghoongat, Baji, Zehre Ishq, Lakhon Mein Eik, Andaleeb, Armaan and Muthi Bhar Chawal being produced in Lahore which have lingered in the memories of the filmgoers of the sixties and the seventies.
Singh to 12 beneficiaries selected from Kashmiri Pandit migrant camps at Muthi, Purkhoo, Nagrota and Mishriwala.
CONSULTANT surgeon Muthi Ganapathi's writes the final instalment of his two-part look at computer modelling and joint replacements.
Every villager contributes one muthi rice and 1 Rupee and thousands are fed everyday.
Main Camp Sites in Jammu: Muthi Camp, Transport Nagar, Purkhoo Camp, Stadium Camp, Jhiri Camp, Jammu, Nagrota Camp, Jammu Mishriwala Camp, Jammu, Battalbalian Camp, Udhampur.
Muthi refers to substances produced by herbalists to heal, cleanse, or strengthen, and often contains various plant materials (Ashforth, 2005).