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2008: The oldest South American Cricetidae (Rodentia) and Mustelidae (Carnivora): Late Miocene faunal turnover in central Argentina and the Great American Biotic Interchange.
All fur-bearing mammals of the family Mustelidae, including but not limited to badger, ermine, skunk, otter, zorille, and wolverine.
Long the focus of legend and mythology, the wolverine is the largest North American member of the weasel clan, or Mustelidae family.
6%) DASYPODIDAE Dasypus novemcinctus C 2 L3 Dasypus yepesi C 2 L3, L8 Euphractus sexcinctus N, C 87 I CEBIDAE Sapajus cay C 2 L3, L5 CANIDAE Cerdocyon thous N, C 280 I Lycalopex gymnocercus C 20 I FELIDAE Leopardus geoffroyi C, S 11 I Leopardus pardalis N, C, S 91 I Leopardus tigrinus C 1 L6 Leopardus wiedii N, C 30 I Panthera onca C 2 L4, L5 Puma concolor N, C 11 I Puma yagouaroundi N, C, S 20 Lnf (70%) MUSTELIDAE Eira barbara N, C, S 460 i Galictis cuja C 1 L6 MEPHITIDAE Conepatus chinga N 2 LI, L2 PROCYONIDAE Nasua nasua N, C 53 I Procyon cancrivorus C, S 36 I CERVIDAE Mazama americana N 6 L2, L3, L6, L7 Mazama gouazoubira N, C, S 193 I TAYASSUIDAE Pecari tajacu N, C, S 142 I TAPIRIDAE Tapirus terrestris N, C 63 Lnf (55.
8% (42/52) en el Orden Primates, donde todos los animales de las familias Ursidae, Mustelidae, Aotidae y Homonidae fueron positivos.
Results indicated that 5 mammals were captured with the following relative abundance index (RAI) ranking: red fox (Vulpes vulpes), cape hare (Lepus capensis), Himalayan ibex (Capra ibex sibirica), snow leopard (Uncia uncial) and Mustelidae species.
Mustelids, including various species of the genera Melogale, Meles, and Mellivora of the weasel family Mustelidae, can carry RABV (4-6).
Mae'r dyfrgi, neu'r ci dwr, yn perthyn i'r teulu Mustelidae ac i'r is-deulu Lutrinae, ac mae'n nhw'n bwyta cig.
Fischer [von Waldheim], 1814) Ozotoceros bezoarticus Leucism 1 Brazil (Linnaeus, 1758) Delphinidae Sotalia guianensis (van Undetermined 1 Brazil Beneden, 1864) Stenella attenuata Undetermined 1 Panama graffmani (Lonnberg, 1934) Physeteridae Physeter macrocephalus Undetermined 1 Peru Linnaeus, 1758 Tayassuidae Pecari tajacu1 (Linnaeus, Leucism 1 Brazil 1758) Carnivora Mustelidae Eira barbara (Linnaeus, Leucism 6 Brazil 1758) Otariidae Arctocephalus australis Piebaldism 1 Uruguay (Zimmermann, 1783) Otaria flavescens (Shaw, Leucism 1 Chile 1800) Albinism 1 Argentina Chiroptera Mollossidae Eumops glaucinus (Wagner, Albinism 1 Brazil 1843) Nyctinomops laticaudatus Piebaldism 5 Brazil (E.