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L.C. Alfred de, French poet, 1810-1857; person in whom Musset (de Musset) sign was studied.
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The third and shortest section, "Musset dans l'histoire litteraire," includes three articles which tell a similar story of the progress of the official view of Musset in literary manuals, anthologies and textbooks.
When Marie suggests Alfred de Musset as someone who might interest George, George replies that she knows Alfred de Musset by reputation and dismisses him as an arrogant dandy.
For example, Dame Musset's designation as "the Grand Red Cross" (6), obviously a reference to Spenser's knight, also invokes another more recent cultural register, the "wonder worker" women ambulance drivers of the First World War, who exchanged the restrictions of the domestic sphere for the thrill of the war effort and of the many other women with whom they worked.(6)
Musset's plays -- comedies of manners called comedies - proverbes, as many of the titles were taken from proverbs popular at the time -- also include fanciful comedies in the style of Shakespeare.
Seginger's collection makes several suggestive contributions that examine Musset's noteworthy experiments with hybrid literary genres, and how he problematizes the notion of Truth.
Director Mary Zimmerman will helm the theater's first production of Shakespeare's "Pericles," followed by "Lorenzaccio" by Alfred de Musset, newly translated and adapted by Washington playwright John Strand.
To misquote de Musset, it imitates passion but leaves you feeling nothing.
It is highly intertextual, with numerous references to some canonical, some lesser-known, and a few made-up writers (Mallursset, a conflation of Mallarme and Musset).
Examples of this stock character appear in works such as Mimi Pinson by Alfred de Musset and Henri Murger's Scenes de la vie de boheme ("Scenes of Bohemian Life"), the story on which Giacomo Puccini's opera La Boheme is based.