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L.C. Alfred de, French poet, 1810-1857; person in whom Musset (de Musset) sign was studied.
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An opening title quotes Beaumarchais, one of the comic dramatists of that century, and all during the film there are echoes of other dramatic works from centuries in addition to the eighteenth--works by Marivaux and de Musset, also Molihre and Feydeau and even Shakespeare and Jonson, indeed many masters of classical comedy.
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45) Twenty years previously, during a stay in Paris which extended from the summer of 1851 to the fall of 1852, the Brownings had moved and mingled in that city's most rarefied cultural circles, and a number of Gautier's friends and associates had become theirs too: Alphonse de Lamartine, Alexandre Dumas, Louis Godefroy Jadin, Paul de Musset, George Sand.
Influenced by Alfred de Musset, George Sand, Victor Hugo, and Charles Darwin, whose theory of natural selection he applied to Parisian life by focusing on the role of heredity on the individual, Zola developed his naturalistic style in the late 1860s.
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Surveys describe Romanticism in Italy, Spain and Poland and authors serving as topics include Byron, Foscolo, Hugo, Lamartine, Lermontov, Leopardi, Mickiewicz, Musset, Nerval and Pushkin.
That too proved disastrous, as Louise found when she paid him a call and was told by the concierge that the poet had left her the message, "Monsieur de Musset has gone to Lake Como, in America" (geography was not de Musset's strongest subject
Its modern classics, chiefly French, included Flaubert, Georges Ohnet, de Maupassant, Emile Gaboriau, Alfred de Musset, and Zola; but it also accommodated The Adventures of Baron of Munchausen, Vathek, The Black Tulip, and even When it was Dark.
Rien que pendant l'hiver de 1998, il y avait, par ordre alphabetique, deux Balzac, le premier par Nadine Satiat et le deuxieme, une edition corrigee par Roger Pierot; le premier tome d'un Beaumarchais par Maurice Lever, un Beckett par James Knowlson, Agatha Christie par Huguette Bouchardeau, Colette par Claude Pichois et Alain Brunet, Goethe par Marie-Anne Lescourret, Hegel par Horst Althaus, Musset par Frank Lestringant, Racine en majeste par Jean-Michel Delacomptee, Saint Augustin par Serge Lancel, Strindberg par Elena Balzamo, Valles par Daniel Zimmermann, et Zola par Henri Mitterrand.
I suddenly recall the three lines of verse that Musset sings in the Psalms: C'est le point capital du mahometanisme De mettre le bonheur darts la stupidite.
Alfred de Musset, the elegant French writer, pictured himself once as the droll Fantasio while James Joyce - and is there anybody more famous in 20th century literature?
ST Mark's Square - the only true square in Venice - was called "the drawing room of the world" by poet Alfred de Musset.