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(jēn'yŭs, jēn'ē-ŭs),
1. Markedly superior intellectual or artistic abilities or exceptional creative power.
2. A person so endowed.
3. In psychology, someone who ranks in the top 1% of all people on a test of intelligence.
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Psychology adjective Referring to a marked superiority in intellectual prowess noun A highly intelligent person, whose IQ is > 140 and/or in the top 1% of those subjected to IQ testing
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1. The distinctive or inherent character of a disease.
2. An individual with exceptional physical, mental, or creative power.
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Patient discussion about genius

Q. husband has horrible rash bil. below knees to his ankles. it is bright red yellow weeping cracks. On statins He has been on zocor for 15 years and we are so afraid this may have something to do with this drug. He has stopped taking the drug because the pain and weakness, and numbness in his legs is considerable

A. i looked up for side effects and i saw only "eczema" as a skin side effect. but it seems odd to me that after 15 years you got this kind of side effect. it should have appeared years ago. you know- it might be a very good idea to go and see a Dr... and not stopping a medication without warning..

Q. Is bipolar is like swiping moods that come and go? one time you are happy things are bright and clear and suddenly you are all complicated with your self and with your surrounding and you are moody and depressed ? is sudden change of mind is the correct definition to a Bipolar Disorder or i did get it all wrong ?

A. good question! most people don't know that Bipolar disorder is not just mood swings that come and go every now and then (if it was - my wife should be diagnosed as bipolar:)) ). it is consisted of long episodes of mania or depression. an episode can be a month or even 6.

Q. I have bipolar disorder and an IQ of about 140. Can this be a cause? I followed recently a link in this site and saw, that some people talking about other ones with bipolar disorder seem to be more intelligent than the average. It was for me the first time, that I read something like that about bipolar disorder. I know only since 3 years this diagnose of mine, but I had already 13 years before my "out-of-control"-crisis. Perhaps you will share with your topic-manager about your IQ or about your job that we can see, if there is possible a correlation.

A. I am now here in this community since 8 days. In one week I will be on the top of the list of the iMedix-contributors. This is perhaps how you can find the genius of someone. Then in a month I will be very alone on this list. And this is the way I live. I am often too fast for you and other persons and so, at the end, you are again alone. This can cause depression. Genius are a small community. I do not pretend to be one, I just want to show you which tendencies exist. Share your experience that we can learn together.

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Summary: A ten-year-old schoolboy has been hailed a musical genius with his extraordinary piano playing skills.
A footnote in musical history becomes the keystone to Dove's newest work: In 1803 violinist George Polgreen Bridgetower (1780-1860), wunderkind progeny of a white European woman and a black "African Prince," travels from London to Vienna to meet the continent's musical genius, Ludwig van Beethoven.
The story is full of beautifully developed characters, including Nathan's parents; their friend Wit, a retired astronaut; and his friends from the school, who include a girl who can see illness in patients, a blind musical genius, twins who develop engineering wonders, and a psychic who later gives Nathan messages from his dead father.
He is a brilliant man and a musical genius. His music comes deep from within him, and you can hear and feel it with every chord of music.
To some he was a musical genius equal to Mozart; to others, his music was marked by 'a proclivity toward the saccharine ...
Creating galaxies of sound with just his guitar, Harper showed why he's regarded as a musical genius. Songs such as The Magnificent G7, a bizarre mix of Spanish flamenco and speed metal, left you scratching your head in bewilderment.
Well, Mozart was a musical genius! He began composing at the age of four and was able to compose an entire piece in his head at one time, without changing a single note later.
The Possessor and the Possessed: Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and the Idea of Musical Genius. By Peter Kivy.
Yves Jacques, in the lead, delivers a knockout flawless performance as a suicidal and mean-spirited music lover living below an unknown musical genius. Requiem contre un plafond is traditional classic storytelling at its finest.
Epic Records executive David McPherson is a musical genius in his own right
The varied collection, which includes works from several notables, is a tribute as well as testament to Charles' enduring musical genius.
But it is rare to find an entertainer who is both a musical genius AND a sex symbol.