muscularis mucosae

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mus·cu·la·ris mu·co·'sae

Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation muscularis mucosa.
The thin layer of smooth muscle found in most parts of the digestive tube located between the lamina propria and the submucosa.

mus·cu·la·ris mu·co·sae

(mŭs-kyū-lā'ris myū-kō'sē)
The thin layer of smooth muscle found in most parts of the digestive tube located outside the lamina propria mucosae and adjacent to the tela submucosa.

muscularis mucosae

Smooth muscle tissue of a mucous membrane.
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C, Herniation or "inversion" of SSA/P mucosa through a break in the muscularis mucosae.
The thickness of muscularis mucosae (thin layer of smooth muscle)was measured from the base of the crypt to the base of the muscularis mucosae.
Figure 3C showed that the labeled cells were both negative in the lamina muscularis mucosae and muscular layer.
El tejido conectivo que sustenta al surco peneano y al glande se divide en un corion de tejido conectivo denso no modelado, limitado por una lamina muscularis mucosae de poco desarrollo y una tunica submucosa que contiene tejido erectil formado por senos venosos.
In well-oriented colonic mucosa, the base of the crypt directly anchors on the upper edge of the muscularis mucosae, without intervening inflammatory cells (Figure 1, A), unless there are lymphoid aggregates.
Invasive carcinoma shows invasion through the muscularis mucosae into the submucosa and beyond.
Such tumours show a typical tree-like branching of smooth muscle derived from the muscularis mucosae and are covered by an entirely normal colorectal epithelium.
On few occasions, muscle fascicles ensheathed by collagen fibers were also observed in the mid-portion of the lamina propria forming incomplete and rudimentary muscularis mucosae (Fig.
Normally, calretinin is present in intrinsic nerves of the muscularis mucosae and lamina propria, whereas in HD, this staining pattern is lost.
Microscopically, multiple sections revealed tree like branching of muscularis mucosae with glandular proliferation and scattered inflammatory cell infiltrate in between the glands.
The muscularis mucosae is absent in the nonglandular regions of both PC and IC (Fig.