Muscle Head

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Slang for a person whose life is dominated by weight training
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After consultations with specialists in structural heart disease and cardiothoracic surgery, the patient ultimately underwent cardiac surgery consisting of very gentle septal myectomy focusing more midventricular at the basilar septum, reorientation of the posterior medial papillary muscle head, resection of the tethering secondary chordae to the A1 segment of the mitral valve, and chordal shortening and tacking of the chordae to the A1 and A2 segments of the mitral valve.
Myofascial force transmission between a single muscle head and adjacent tissues: length effects of head III of rat EDL.
London, January 13 ( ANI ): Sylvester Stallone has confessed to chat show host Jonathan Ross that he is frustrated how people still think of him as a "muscle head".
Stallone, who is promoting new film Grudge Match, said being called a "muscle head" was frustrating.
Anyone can have a muscle head gym or an after school math program.
Surely the sexiest of men are the ones who blush a little at the slightest suggestion that they are God's gift as opposed to muscle-bound muscle head who thinks he is.