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The family of flies (order Diptera) that includes the houseflies (Musca) and stable flies (Stomoxys).
[L. musca, fly]
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Resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in house flies, Musca domestica L., (Diptera: Muscidae) collected from urban areas in Punjab, Pakistan.
2011).Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate both the spatial and temporal variability of a wider range of necrophagous fly assemblages of the families Calliphoridae, Muscidae, and Fanniidae in terms of species composition and relative abundance, and to examine whether they are affected by seasonality, urbanization density and insolation conditions (sunlight and shade), in a temperate Neotropical city.
Macrocheles muscadomesticae (Acari: Macrochelidae) and a species of Uroseius (Acari: Polyaspididae) phoretic on Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae): effects on dispersal and colonization of poultry manure.
Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae (Rondani, 1875) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) is to be a solitary parasitoid that controls a great number of Diptera in the families Anthomyiidae, Calliphoridae, Muscidae, Sarcophagidae, Tachinidae and Tephritidae.
A.% F.O.% Calliphoridae Lucilia sericata 41,04 79 Chrysomya albiceps 22,01 79 Muscidae Muscina stabulans 1,50 79 Musca domestica 13,37 100 Muscinae sp.
En este trabajo, Arthurella choelensis Patitucci & Mariluis (Muscidae) se cita por primera vez de Chubut.
Monitoring house fly, Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae), population in caged-layer poultry houses using jug-trap.
Four records from Durden (1990) are of Muscidae, namely: Mitzmain (1912): Haematopinus tuberculatus (Burmeister) (as H.
Order Family Scientific name Numbers of prey items Males Females (n = 20) (n = 20) Diptera Culicidae Culex pipiens 8 10 Muscidae Musca domestica 6 5 Noctuidae Plusia gamma 2 1 (Autographa gamma) Lepidoptera Noctuidae Pseudaletia 1 1 unipunctata Pyralidae Chilo suppressalis 1 1 Orthoptera Gryllidae Gryllus desertus 1 1 Gryllidae Gryllus domesticus 1 1 Blattaria Blattidae Periplaneta 1 1 americana Hemiptera Cicadellidae Cicadella viridis 1 1 Cataglyphis nodus 1 1 Camponotus sp.
Las moscas sarcosaprofagas o carroneras mejor estudiadas en este contexto pertenecen a las familias Calliphoridae (moscas metalicas), Sarcophagidae (moscas de la carne) y Muscidae (mosca comun y sus similares), su rol ecologico es importante dada su predominancia en estas comunidades (Hanski 1987a; Ives 1991).