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Greek god of the arts, archery, and divination.
Apollo disease - Synonym(s): acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
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"Machiavelli and the mural decoration of the hall of the Great Council of Florence." In Musagetes: Festschrift fur Wolfram Prinz, ed.
Chapter 3, "Cervantes as Hercules Musagetes: The First Neoclassical Edition," suggests that the London J.
The literary ones are quite well-known, I think, at least the ones on Dante and The Divine Comedy, and the flawless one on Chaucer: "An old man in a lodge within a park." The one on Shakespeare would be first-rate if Longfellow had not put the word "Musagetes" into the last line, driving everyone except Hellenists and balletomanes to their reference books.