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A genus of the family Muridae that includes about 16 species of mice; domesticated strains are numerous and genetically well defined, the most popular being the albino and piebald strains.
[L. mus (mur-), a mouse]
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Q. What is the treatment for "hip joint mice"? Thanks!

A. if you are young- it goes away by itself after 6-8 painful weeks...if you are older you might need a surgery to remove the particles. it the hip bone it can be complicated, so it's really up to your Dr. to decide what to do here.

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Later, the same author (Macholan 1996b, 2006), using a detailed morphometric analysis of the genus Mus, confirmed that the zygomatic index, despite the distinction between the species, is not necessarily credible for overlapping values.
We identified three type of rodent communities: Mus musculus and Mus booduga (Community 1), Nesokia indica and Tatera indica (Community 2), Glounda elliotti and Millardia meltada (Community 3).
The PU spectrum reports of the MUs are different from the NSUs; therefore, taking MUs out in the [m.sub.ij] during each sensing interval is generating dissimilar averaging results for the OMU, ROMU, AYMU, and ANMU compared with NSUs.
This case appears to be one of the most recent decisions where a court has found surgeons to be negligent with MUS procedures.
At each time period, each AP j will serve several numbers of MUs belonging to the identical MNO i, denoted by [A.sub.j.sup.i], and the number depends on the total traffic that MUs would like to send.
In terms of the intersegmental torque curves of hip, knee, and ankle joints during the maximum-velocity sprint running, during stance phase, the torques affecting the three lower extremity joints were mainly MUS and EXF (Figure 2, MUS, EXF, 0%-17%), while in the swing phase, the torques were primarily MUS and MDT (Figure 2, MUS, MDT, 17%-100%).
Suggesting that patients are unconsciously transferring their unfulfilled needs for comfort to their physicians via the expression of MUS does not always go over well.
The data collection instrument of the study consists of a section of sociodemographics, a screening for MUS (PHQ-15), and characteristics of care.
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Initial MUS surgery resulted in higher rates of subjective improvement, compared with initial physiotherapy (91% vs.
At 2319 MUs, the total volume cleared in the month was almost 11 per cent lesser than 2616 MUs cleared in the previous month.
That brings challenges to CFAPs when selecting an uplink channel for a realtime connection request of a FU which must not violate the QoS of other MUs using the same channel [6].