Murphy, John B.

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John B., U.S. surgeon, 1857-1916.
Murphy approach
Murphy bone lever
Murphy bone skid
Murphy brace
Murphy button - mechanical device used for intestinal anastomosis.
Murphy dilator
Murphy drip - Synonym(s): proctoclysis
Murphy forceps
Murphy gouge
Murphy hook
Murphy knife
Murphy light
Murphy method
Murphy needle
Murphy percussion - Synonym(s): piano percussion
Murphy punch
Murphy reamer
Murphy retractor
Murphy scissors
Murphy sign - right upper quadrant pain on inspiration.
Murphy splint
Murphy tube
Murphy-Lane bone skid
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Ladies Fly Fishing International and jazz/rock drummer Sally Ann Iles hooked four fish on buzzers; a brown trout was in the four caught by Mark Burton and Matthew Murphy hooked three on a black and red Montana nymph.
Murphy hooked up with Damon on a 37-yard touchdown pass that began with a quick toss to the left and became a big play when Damon made the first tackler miss and outraced the field down the sideline.
DEFENCE Pa Horgan hunts down Waterford's Eoin Murphy and, right, Chris Murphy hooks Eoin McGrath
Good build-up resulted in a corner and when Marc Bridge-Wilkinson delivered, Murphy hooked the ball into the six-yard box for Danny Livesey to volley home.
A Lee Jenkins corner found Craig Wilding and Chris Murphy hooked the ball back into the danger area from the right channel.
His goal-kicking skills were certainly missed when Leicester had a golden chance to open the scoring after five minutes, as Murphy hooked the penalty horribly wide.
John's senior quarterback Griffin Murphy hooked up with junior wideout Richard Rodgers for a pair of touchdown passes.
45 CONNOLLY close to heading in Murphy hooked cross