Murphy, John B.

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John B., U.S. surgeon, 1857-1916.
Murphy approach
Murphy bone lever
Murphy bone skid
Murphy brace
Murphy button - mechanical device used for intestinal anastomosis.
Murphy dilator
Murphy drip - Synonym(s): proctoclysis
Murphy forceps
Murphy gouge
Murphy hook
Murphy knife
Murphy light
Murphy method
Murphy needle
Murphy percussion - Synonym(s): piano percussion
Murphy punch
Murphy reamer
Murphy retractor
Murphy scissors
Murphy sign - right upper quadrant pain on inspiration.
Murphy splint
Murphy tube
Murphy-Lane bone skid
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In the only league game that took place last Saturday, Liverton blanked Commitar 6-0 helped by a Lewis Murphy brace plus singles for teammates Denton and Newton.
Sebadee also relished the quick ground to complete the Murphy brace in the 2m handicap hurdle, recording his second course-and-distance success in the process.
A Murphy brace followed an Anthony Stokes opener before Wallace and Connolly came off the bench to seal their side's biggest win of the season and spark red-and-white celebrations that will live long in the memory.
He was only signed last week but slotted into the defence on Friday as United ground out a 2-1 win over Shamrock with a Daryl Murphy brace.
Squires Gate led 3-0 at half-time courtesy of Jack Sowerby and an Alexander Murphy brace.
Efforts from James Craig, Mike Standish and Jamie Claire established a 3-0 lead for South Liverpool but then Netherley fought back with goals from Nathan Benjamin and a Peter Murphy brace to take the game to extra-time.