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The largest family of Rodentia and of mammals, embracing the Old World mice and rats.
[L. mus (mur-), a mouse]
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dagger]) Member of the order Rodentia, family Muridae.
Polydactylism has been observed in Cricetidae (Price, 1969), Muridae (Brown, 1996), Leporidae (Murie, 1934), Sciuridae (Dunaway, 1969), Cynocephalidae (Shute and Bellaire, 1955), and Cervidae (Daniel and Kershaw, 1964; Miller and Cawley, 1970; Stone et al.
These viruses are mainly transmitted through contact with the excreta of their natural hosts, rodents of the family Muridae.
Key words: neotropical rodents, Muridae, cloud forest, Microryzomys minutus, Venezuela.
Stomach analysis indicated the animal had fed on a rodent of the family Muridae.
In contrast to other members of the Bunyaviridae, hantaviruses are not transmitted by arthropods but are spread by aerosolized excreta of rodents of the family Muridae, their natural hosts (1-4).
La especie ha sido citada en Sudamerica para Argentina, Brasil, Chile y Peru (Johnson 1957) principalmente en aves de las familias Psittacidae, Hirundinidae, Muscicapidae, Strigidae y Columbidae y, ocasionalmente, en marsupiales Didelphidae y roedores Caviidae y Muridae (Autino y Lareschi 1998).
A review of the spiny mouse genus Scolomys (Rodentia, Muridae, Sigmodontinae) with the description of a new species from the western Amazon of Brazil.
All hantaviruses that cause HPS are hosted by the rodent family Muridae, subfamily Sigmodontinae (New World rats and mice).