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Any collectible (writings, art, exhibits used in court, weapons or other articles) directly linked to murderers, murders or other violent crimes
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Asked if he would collect murderabilia from his friend's killer, Duffy said, "Personally I wouldn't, but I wouldn't be upset if someone else did."
He also uses them for interjections that could just as easily be woven into the ongoing sentence, e.g., the retired mortician who sells Murderabilia is ("funny as hell").
Kahan's journey into the world of "murderabilia" began one fall morning in 1999, when he was scanning his hometown (Rochester, N.Y.) newspaper and read that serial killer Arthur Shawcross had been found selling items on eBay.
If you log on to eBay, you will find a variety of "murderabilia" on sale for anywhere from five dollars (for a lock of Charles Manson's hair) to $10,000 (for one of John Wayne Gacy's clown paintings).
Suna Chang, The Prodigal "Son" Returns: An Assessment of Current "Son of Sam" Laws and the Reality of the Online Murderabilia Marketplace, 31 RUTGERS COMPUTER & TECH.
Recent emails have included the words Yuma 'In Cuba, a nickname for the United States,' smitty 'a type of automobile muffler known for its (powerful or resonant) sound,' noodle 'to hunt bare-handed in water for fish or turtles,' sousveillance 'the watching of the watchers by the watched; countersurveillance by people not in positions of power or authority,' zhingzhong 'merchandise made in Asia; cheaply made, inexpensive, or substandard goods,' and murderabilia 'collectibles from, by, or about murders, murderers, or violent crimes.
THE mum of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett has blasted sick traders selling Ian Brady "murderabilia".
Evidence of this expansive new customer base came in the guise of a boom in crime-related memorabilia, otherwise known as "murderabilia." (17)
The vendors are unlikely to be selling their T-shirts, World Trade Center mugs and other so-called "murderabilia" when the second anniversary takes place this Thursday.
The letter was acquired by best-selling Scots crime novelist Craig Robertson, who used it as the basis for research on his latest novel, Murderabilia.
THE term murderabilia was coined by Andy Kahn, the officer in charge of Houston police department's Crime Victim Office - and one of the leading campaigners on outlawing the sale of items belonging to killers, their victims and crime scenes.