Egmont, physician in Hapsburg Empire, 1865-1924. See: tract of Münzer and Wiener.
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"Delegations of US, UK and France have always fabricated lies and allegations about the reality of the situation in Syria in order to justify their hostile policies against other sovereign states, especially Syria, with the aim of harming the Syrian government and covering their outright collusion and direct involvement in supporting terrorism and shedding the Syrian blood," Munzer added.
The opposition head was very interested in the invitation but regretted being unable to visit Moscow on Monday, due to "preset official commitments", adviser Munzer Aqbiq told AFP Sunday.
Expecting quadruplets, 29 year-old Ranim and her husband, 33-year-old Hasan Munzer Barmada, were shocked to find out about the fifth baby during the surgery.
UNIFIL Command in South Lebanon held a ceremony marking the 64th anniversary of UN Foundation and establishment, attended by South District Military Commander, Major General Maroun Khreish, representing Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji; Internal Security Forces South District Commander, Major General Munzer Ayyoubi, representing ISF Director General Ashraf Reefi; as well as a number of military, spiritual, municipal and international dignitaries.<p>Speaking on the occasion, UNIFIL Commander, General Claudio Graziano, paid tribute to the Lebanese Army cooperation and said UNIFIL is capable of implementing all its functions in the service of security and peace in the South due to the cooperation of the Lebanese Army which constitutes a major pier to UNIFIL's mission.
Family members of the 19-year-old victim, Munzer Al-Haraki, expressed their confidence in the Saudi judicial system, but criticized the lengthy court procedures.
In Sambo game, the Syrian team snatched 5 gold medals by Munir Ghosun, Sameh Ramadan, Ahmad Bayer, Munzer Jreideh and Ghassan Hiba, and 4 silver medals by Abdel-Salam Haj Qaddour, Shadiya Assaf, Hanan Salloum and Sabah al-Khuder.
"This paper was a surprise -- it was not expected in the first place," the HNC's Munzer Makhos told AFP.
Among the killed terrorists were Qasem Rabe'e, of the Jordanian nationality, and Munzer Said.
The list of successful candidates included former footballers Fahad Khamis and Munzer Ali, UAE Football Association official Ahmad Yaqoob, Al Ahli's chief executive officer Hamad Khalifa, Al Wasl Football Company's commercial director Zayed Mohammad Abbas, football referee Ali Ahmad Al Badawi and four women namely, Hessa Al Kous, Eman Mohammad Murad, Muneera Saffar and Fatehiya Al Obaidli.
Family members of the 19-year-old victim, Munzer Al-Haraki, expressed their gratitude to the Saudi judiciary system for what they described as a fair trial.
New York, SANA-The Acting Charge d' Affaires of Syria's permanent delegation to the UN Munzer Munzer said Syria has honored the obligations pursuant to its accession to Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and those set forth in the UN Security Council resolution no.
Upon arriving, he met with Munzer al-Hasan, who has been convicted in absentia, and Saudi suspect Fahed Qarni, in the latter's home in the Tripoli's Bab al-Tabbaneh.