Egmont, physician in Hapsburg Empire, 1865-1924. See: tract of Münzer and Wiener.
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New York, SANA- Syria condemns and rejects any use of chemical weapons or any form of weapons of mass destruction and considers it as a crime against humanity, the acting charge d'affaires of Syria's permanent delegation to the UN Munzer Munzer said.
However, we do have an excellent sample of his historical research from early 1905 when he translated and published an analysis of two letters by Conrad Grebel and friends in Zurich addressed to Thomas Munzer at Alstedt in the Harz.
Dr Ahmad Munzer Al Waa, consultant ENT, head and neck surgeon at the UHS, said: "In general, when children have this cleft lip, they have problems nursing their mother's milk and this is a problem for the development of the child.
This paper was a surprise -- it was not expected in the first place," the HNC's Munzer Makhos told AFP.
However, the HNC's Munzer Makhos said opposition figures had "many reservations" and were still discussing the document.
Munzer, Novozymes and Shell have also announced an investment of Rs.
That was certainly the case for Ghaith Zamrik and Munzer Khattab, two Syrian refugees who came to Germany one year ago.
The mines were laid to impede the advance of the government force," a Syrian army commander identified only as Munzer told Press TV.
Commenting on the implant's benefits, Dr Ahmad Munzer Alwaa, head of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department at UHS, said: "The device can be implanted in adults with profound 'post-lingual' hearing loss and also in 'pre-lingual' deaf babies, before the age of five years - meaning those who are born deaf and have not developed the ability to speak.
Furthermore, the ministry said two other suspects were wanted in the case: Munzer Mohamed, a 22-year-old student, and Mahmoud Maher, an 18-year-old student.
SDC deputy CEO Munzer al-Dawood said the organisation had been supporting home-based businesses because it believed in the vital role this section played in enhancing the wellbeing of Qatari families at all levels.