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muntjac, muntjak

Asian rib-faced deer with slit-like scent gland openings on the face and two-tined antlers. Called also Muntiacus muntjak.
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In IUCN red list, the Muntjac is enlisted as least concern because it remains common throughout its distribution range but they are facing several threats in different areas including habitat destruction, encroachment, habitat disruption, hunting and pouching (IUCN, 2010; Bennett and Gumal, 2001).
uk THEY may look cute and cuddly, but muntjac deer are the bane of many gardeners' lives.
Strangely enough, the Game Commission is the agency that sells these exotic pet permits in the first place and that enforces the regulations under which mountain lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, emus, prairie dogs, eagles, muntjacs, coyotes, coatimundi, lynx, bobcats, monkeys, macaws, camels, buffalo, lemurs, kangaroos, yaks and coyotes, zebras, giraffes, alpacas, elephants, wolves, servals, and bears may be kept.
Soon they also housed muntjacs, llamas, wombats and skunks.
Like cervids, male muntjacs (Muntiacus reevesi) strip bark from trees and bushes before rubbing them with their forehead glands (Barrette 1977).
At the opposite extreme, muntjacs in India and China once ranked as separate subspecies but couldn't produce fertile hybrids.
The bureau pointed out that the cameras had captured traces of other wildlife in addition to the bear, including Reeves's muntjacs, Taiwan serows, sambar deer, Formosan rock macaques, among many others.